A place for spiritual connection

Our Mission and Values

Our mission at Don Bosco Rango Spiritual Centre is to provide a sacred space for individuals and groups to deepen their spiritual journey, find peace and solace, and connect with their inner selves. We strive to offer a holistic approach to spirituality, incorporating prayer, reflection, and community in a supportive and nurturing environment.


Our vision is to be a leading spiritual retreat center in Rwanda, known for our commitment to providing transformative experiences that inspire personal growth, healing, and renewal. We aim to create a space where individuals can come together to explore their faith, cultivate inner peace, and strengthen their connection to God and each other.

At Don Bosco Rango Spiritual Centre, we invite you to join us on this sacred journey of self-discovery and spiritual enlightenment. Whether you are seeking a peaceful retreat, hosting a group gathering, or looking for a beautiful wedding venue, we welcome you with open arms and look forward to being a part of your spiritual journey.